Using Competitive Analysis to Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy

Episode 101 | Challenges: Growth

Guests: Marketing for Makers

Hello, Metalworking Nation! We are excited to team up with Julie Poulos and Red Caffeine Marketing to bring you an exclusive MakingChips Marketing episode.

On today's show, we welcome two guests from Red Caffeine; Kacey Keegan and Dan Mantilla. Kacey- Content Writer & Strategist, shares her knowledge on Image and Brand Messaging. Dan - Digital Strategist, takes us through Digital Competitive Analysis and highlights what you can do to identify keyword opportunities in your company.

In Manufacturing News, we talk about Mars Candy's plans to reinvestment $70 million in U.S. manufacturing.

Episode Outline:
[02:25] - Manufacturing News
[05:50] - Jim Carr’s Business Succession
[07:10] - Marketing Mistress
[12:41] - Getting started with competitive analysis
[19:00] - Service and Industry Matrix
[21:37] - Digital Competitive Analysis
[25:10] - Direct Competition

Mentioned in this Episode:
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Kacey Keegan | LinkedIn
Dan Mantilla | LinkedIn
Red Caffeine + MakingChips | Competitive Analysis Template

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