Vending Systems - the how, what, and why for your machine shop

Episode 20 | Challenges: Process Technology

Does your machining company need a vending system? This is a hot topic edition where Jim is asking Jason about vending systems.  You may have the impression that vending machines are just for large manufacturing companies, but is that true? You’re going to find out that and a ton more about vending systems in this episode of MakingChips.

Vending systems enable you to keep track of tool and supply usage, which in turn tells you which employees are using what items so that you can make more informed adjustments to your systems or procedures as needed. Just imagine the savings of ensuring that every part is being used to its fullest capacity!

The major objectives of implementing a vending system in your shop:

Reduction in Spending

Increased Productivity

Increased Accountability

If it doesn’t make sense to you how those benefits come from installing and using a vending system in your shop, you need to listen!

What the guys have to say about vending systems in this episode...

  • Major objectives of having a vending system in your shop - 3 powerful reasons.
  • Aren’t vending systems geared more for large manufacturers?
  • Partnering with someone to help you manage the vending system so it doesn’t take over your schedule.
  • Best practice software issues relating to your machine shop vending system.
  • The increasing popularity of vending systems.
  • 3 important takeaways.

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Listener questions

Jim and Jason are also happy to highlight questions from listeners on this episode. You can ask your question for this section of the podcast by call 1-312-725-0245 and leave your message on the recording.

Here’s today’s questions:

How important is it for a manufacturing company to have a clean, updated, and functional website?

What are buyers looking for when searching for a new supplier?

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