When the Workforce Becomes a Life-force w/ Tom Carmazzi

Episode 102 | Challenges: Leadership

Guests: Tom Carmazzi

Hello Metalworking Nation! We are coming to you from Burr Ridge, IL -- headquarters of the Tuthill Corporation where we welcome CEO Tom Carmazzi to the MakingChips Podcast. Tuthill Corporation, established in 1892, has been manufacturing pumps, meters, vacuum systems, and blowers for use in a variety of foundational markets including agriculture, construction, chemical, water & waste water, energy & power, and medical.

On Part 1 of this two part interview, Tom shares some leadership principles that Tuthill uses to facilitate an environment where individuals are both motivated and effective. Tom takes us through Tuthill's cultural journey starting from their early days in brick manufacturing all the way to today, where they continue their journey to become a Conscious CompanyIn manufacturing news, we talk about U.S. Manufacturing's continued growth.

Episode Outline:
[02:00] - Manufacturing News
[03:41] - Patricia Miller at the White House
[05:15] - Welcome Tom Carmazzi
[07:00] - From Horses to Pumps
[09:15] - Shrink to Grow
[12:36] - The Human Heart
[14:00] - Conscious Company
[17:00] - Aware & Awake
[20:24] - It Starts With Me
[22:00] - Seeing the Value
[23:45] - Conclusion of Episode

Mentioned in this Episode:
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Patricia Miller at the White House
Tuthill Corporation
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