Where to Begin with Making the List

Episode 126 | Challenges: Growth

Series: Marketing for Makers Guests: Julie Poulos, Natalie Dubs, Dan Mantilla

Hello Metalworking Nation! We are pleased to bring you another episode in our #MarketingForMakers series with Red Caffeine Marketing + Technology. On today's episode we welcome back Red Caffeine's Julie Poulos along with Dan Mantilla and Natalie Dubs as they help you answer the question — “Who Do I Market To?”

Where do you start? It starts with a list! Julie and her team cover the four challenges that most mid market manufacturers face when figuring out who to market themselves to. We'll share some strategies that you can use right now to begin building up your brand and targeting leads.


Episode Outline:
[00:01] – IMTS 2018
[06:08] – What’s New With Jason & Jim
[07:38] – Welcome Julie Poulos
[09:48] – The Four Challenges
[14:03] – Buyer Data
[16:50] – Segmenting Your Lists
[21:10] – Building Up Your Brand
[22:13] – Creating Meaningful Content
[24:10] – Identifying Contacts
[30:15] – Direct Contact

Links Mentioned in this Episode:
IMTS 2018
Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute
Red Caffeine Marketing + Technology
Julie Poulos | LinkedIn
MC118: Considerations for Marketing Planning
Natalie Dubs | LinkedIn
Dan Mantilla | LinkedIn

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