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Why you should hire your next manufacturing leader from high school

Where do you typically find the best employees for your manufacturing company? How do you go about finding them? As you’ll hear from Jim and Jason’s stories in this podcast episode, everyone gets into the business through a different path. But the guys believe there’s a huge reservoir of future manufacturing leaders in High School students.

Why High School students? Because they represent an untapped, teachable, ready-to-train class of workers who are in need of what the manufacturing industry has to offer. The shortage of qualified, motivated manufacturing workers illustrates how shop owners have to look outside the normal places to find workers who can not only get busy making chips, but can also become the manufacturing leaders of tomorrow. High School students might just fit that bill for you.

A manufacturing renaissance is happening here and now. It’s once again possible for a person working in the manufacturing industry to earn an income that can comfortably support an entire family and establish that family in society for years to come. It’s not about the dusty, dirty shop floor of your grandfather’s day. It’s a new day, a new, technically challenging opportunity for those who are willing to seize it.

Another reason you should look to High Schools for your next manufacturing leader is because of how the manufacturing career path stacks up against college. The average college student will leave school without a specific skill set, will enter their chosen career field at the very bottom rung, and will do so with a load of financial debt that will take years to repay. By contrast, the manufacturing industry has high paying jobs available now that the average High School graduate can take advantage of. They’ll move up faster and avoid accumulating the debt often associated with higher education or specialized training (the training is paid for by their employer in many cases).

Rethink your hiring process. Reconsider the places to get your employees and the future leaders in your company. Your business needs quality employees who are motivated to move up the ladder of success and your local High School may be the very best place to find exactly that. The manufacturing renaissance is here. Will you be a part of it?

Here’s a teaser: the 6 qualities every future manufacturing leader must have

  1. The ability to pass a drug test.
  2. Dependability.
  3. A basic understanding of High School math.
  4. Communication skills - this one is HUGE!
  5. Familiarity with manufacturing (Mechanical aptitude).
  6. The desire to receive further training and certification.

Here’s the outline of the conversation

  • Jim and Jason’s personal paths into the manufacturing business and how they became manufacturing leaders.
  • Questions about a new or additional podcast. What do you think? Contact us to let us know. 312-725-0245
  • Jim and Jason travel to San Diego soon - connect with them to find out how you can connect while you’re there. 312-725-0245
  • The historical background of American prosperity and domestic stability as it relates to the manufacturing industry.
  • The very real shortage of qualified, motivated manufacturing leaders in the modern day.
  • Why Jim and Jason feel High School students are the ideal pool from which to draw your future manufacturing leaders.
  • Why the manufacturing industry demands a higher quality of worker.
  • 6 qualities every future manufacturing leader should have.
  • How the college path compares with the path into manufacturing.
  • How a High School grad could outpace college students through manufacturing, making better money and starting with little to no debt.
  • Jim’s pros and cons of hiring a High School student or graduate to become a manufacturing role of leadership.

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