Prototypes to Production - Tips on How CARR Made the Move

Episode 239 | Challenges: Leadership Technology

0 (4)-1This week on the MakingChips Podcast, Jim Carr shares 6 tips on what CARR Machine & Tool has done to pivot from prototypes to becoming a full production machine shop.


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  • Jim shares this week's manufacturing news - "Making Robots Smarter & Safer."  (7:05)
  • Tip #1: How do you quote a production job? (17:44)
  • Tip #2: The importance of manufacturing planning. (21:25) 
  • Tip #3: Determining the correct amount of pieces in your active setup. (24:10)
  • Tip #4: Know your tools. (28:00)
  • Tip #5: Understanding your Customer Demands (36:38)
  • Tip #6: Look into automation, robots, and cobots. (38:10)


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