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Reflections on 25 Years at ZENGERS, 346

Tags: Published On: Feb 14, 2023 12:00:00 PM

Reflecting on the past and learning from it helps shape our future decisions as leaders—both personally and professionally. I’ve worked in my family business for 25 years and recently spent some time reflecting on what I’ve learned. 

So in this episode of MakingChips, I share 10 things I’ve learned during my time at ZENGERS. You need to learn and grow alongside your team. If they aren’t learning and growing with you, you won’t be effectively MakingChips. And if you’re not MakingChips, you aren’t making money. BAM!

– Jason 

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  • [0:19] The Lean Setup Guide from ProShop
  • [3:54] Reflections on 25 years at ZENGERS
  • [5:52] Manufacturing News: Tesla announces $3.6 billion investment
  • [7:30] Why social media is for interacting
  • [8:55] #1: Give your team a reason to wake up in the morning
  • [10:18] #2: Don’t be afraid to blow things up and start a new business model
  • [11:02] #3: Respect your mentors while being yourself
  • [12:40] #4: Leaders need to acknowledge and own their influence
  • [13:54] #5: Do something every day to keep learning
  • [15:33] #6: Work a defined number of hours per week
  • [19:08] #7: Collaborate from the heart, not the contract
  • [20:06] #8: Hire a rockstar team with common values 
  • [20:49] #9: Give your team autonomy to free you up 
  • [21:53] #10: People are everything in your business 
  • [23:03] Learn about the Industrial Buying Engine (IBE)

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