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Retaining and Training Top Talent with Titans of CNC Academy, #287

In this episode of Making Chips, we dive back into the conversation with Titan Gilroy. This time, we talk about how Titan’s TV show, “American Built,” came to life. We also talk about how he almost gave up the TV show to do something he was passionate about—helping prisoners transform their lives and learn to become full-fledged machinists. This passion project eventually led to the creation of the Titans of CNC Academy, where you can learn everything from the fundamentals of machining to creating aerospace parts—all completely free. Don’t miss this episode with THE Titan of the industry. BAM!

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  • [1:55] Why schools and colleges don’t have sufficient manufacturing training

  • [7:35] How Titan’s TV show, “American Built” came to fruition

  • [13:31] How Titan took inmates and helped them become full-fledged machinists

  • [19:34] Why Titan uses the phrase “uniquely abled” instead of disabled 

  • [32:48] Learn more about Titans of CNC Academy

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