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SZN1: Haves and Have Nots with Paul Van Metre, 361

Tags: Published On: May 26, 2023 3:58:35 PM

There is a widening disparity in the manufacturing industry: Insanely busy shops and shops that are barely treading water. In any business, there will always be companies that thrive and grow and those that don’t. But successful shops are doing something differently. In this episode of MakingChips, Kelsey Heikoop shares four things you can do differently to get more business and make more chips. Because if you’re not MakingChips, you’re not making money. BAM!

– Paul Van Metre

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  • [0:15] Industrial Buying Engine at Thomas™
  • [5:52] The Leader Spotlight: Hernan Ricaurte
  • [8:36] The gap between the haves and have nots
  • [11:33] Solution #1: Become a sales-driven organization
  • [18:04] Solution #2: Consistent adoption of technology
  • [26:16] The Lean Setup Guide from ProShop
  • [30:44] Solution #3: Invest in quality certifications (ISO, ITAR, etc.)
  • [39:05] Solution #4: Invest in cybersecurity 

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