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SZN1: What's Going on With the Manufacturing Economy? 373

Tags: Published On: Aug 28, 2023 12:00:00 PM

What is going on with the economy? We’re all feeling a slowdown in the manufacturing industry. So what gives? What happens in the economy can be directly impacted by politics. It can be impacted by war. It can be impacted by interest rates and the rising costs of consumer goods.

Nicole Wolter—the President and CEO of HM Manufacturing—joins us again to dissect what we see happening with the economy and what you can do to start marking more chips. Because if you aren’t MakingChips, you aren’t making money. BAM!

– Jason

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  • [0:15] Netsuite by Oracle 
  • [4:04] Nicole’s experience representing manufacturing at the white house
  • [9:25] Lessons from manufacturing leaders: How AI will help manufacturing
  • [15:23] What is the manufacturing economy like right now? 
  • [18:27] The Lean Setup Guide from ProShop
  • [26:05] Why are we in our current economic position? 
  • [31:01] What should you do when the economy is down?

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