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Time Management for the Manufacturing Leader, 313

Tags: Published On: May 18, 2022 12:00:00 PM

Do you struggle with time management? Do you find yourself overwhelmed and exhausted at the end of the week with an endless backlog of things to do? After a rough week of long workdays and back-to-back dinner meetings, I felt like a zombie. I thought it wise to dive into an episode about time management. So in this episode of MakingChips, Jason and I tackle mastering time management in three areas: your phone calls, your calendar, and your time off. Because if you’re not managing your time efficiently, you aren’t making chips efficiently, which means you aren't making money, are you? 

— Nick

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  • [2:23] What’s happening in our lives

  • [8:57] Manufacturing News: China Opposes Semiconductor Bill

  • [15:15] Tip #1: Schedule phone calls and Zoom meetings

  • [22:17] Tip #2: Share your calendar to avoid availability ping pong

  • [24:33] Tip #3: Time block your calendar to get work done

  • [29:59] Tip #4: What’s required and what’s optional changes

  • [35:36] Tip #5: Manage “out of office” time the right way

  • [43:14] Jason is certified as a “Full Focus” professional

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