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Tom Brady and Manufacturing on the Moon with DARPA


In this episode, the MakingChips hosts discuss the career of NFL star Tom Brady, and how his personal keys to success are also applicable to the manufacturing leader.

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  • 0:00 | Jim and Jason talk about the different technologies featured on IMTS Spark

  • 7:24 | Jason reads a press release from DARPA about off-Earth manufacturing of lunar structures

  • 12:45 | Jason shares his points on how manufacturing leaders can take cues from Tom Brady's success 

  • 13:13 | The hosts discuss how manufacturing leaders might be retiring too early

  • 24:49 | Jim and Jason talk about IMTS Spark Demo Days with Stephen LaMarco from AMT

  • 31:53 | Jason explains Tom Brady's daily schedule and how having a routine helps with success

  • 37:10 | Like Tom Brady, having a healthy diet and lifestyle can contribute to the success of a manufacturing leader

  • 39:30 | Having core objectives can get you on the path to succeeding, as opposed to unrelated pursuits

  • 43:40 | The hosts offer final thoughts on how Tom Brady's successes can be contributed to his strict regimen and practices

  • Check out the recipe for Tom Brady's avocado ice cream

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