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Tooling Management for Success Using Your ERP System, 321

Tags: Published On: Jul 26, 2022 12:00:00 PM

The key to being a good salesman is to add value wherever you can for your customers. I want to be able to talk with ZENGER’s customers about integrating their tooling management with their ERP system and why it can help them. That’s why, in this episode of MakingChips, Paul Van Metre comes back to share how tooling management works using ProShop ERP. Because if you’re not properly managing your tools, you’re losing money (and definitely not making chips). 

– Jason!

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  • [3:24] What’s happening in our lives

  • [7:14] Manufacturing News: Amogy Powers a Tractor Using Ammonia

  • [10:34] Why is tooling management important? 

  • [15:31] Process stability and setup reduction

  • [20:16] Differences between high-production and project-based shops

  • [22:22] Walking through the tooling management inventory system

  • [26:41] A success story from Faircloth Machine Shop

  • [37:58] Be more scientific with your tooling management system

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