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What Annual Goals Do For You - Not Just Tips and Tricks, 297

Tags: Published On: Jan 10, 2022 12:00:00 PM

This is NOT another goal-setting podcast episode. You know, the kind that explains how to effectively set goals for the year… this one is about WHY you need to set goals. No tips and tricks. No newest approaches and apps. We’re going to talk about the impact goal-setting can have on your life and business. Jim and Nick come along for the discussion because this is something important to me, personally. We’re going to cover eight reasons annual goals will benefit you, so be sure to listen.

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  • [3:57] This episode’s topic

  • [6:19 ] Manufacturing News: Industry Week Article: Taking action, future flexibility 

  • [11:56] Closure of the preceding year  comes from annual planning

  • [13:15] Goal-setting enables you to Identify opportunities

  • [15:09 ] Prioritization flows from goal setting

  • [15:39] Goal-setting enables you to develop an attitude of gratitude

  • [22:26] You can focus on what is important throughout the year when you set goals

  • [23:04] Goals enable you to say “NO” to things 

  • [23:45] You can tell if you have won at the end of the year if you set goals

  • [27:04] Annual goals set you up for 3 to 5 years

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