What is Your Legacy?

Episode 243 | Challenges: Leadership Growth

In this week's podcast, hosts Jason Zenger and Jim Carr discuss the process of building the right legacy you want to leave behind as a Manufacturing Leader.

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  • Getting morbid for a minute (0:45)
  • Leaving a legacy after a transition (2:10)
  • Jim compares MakingChips hosts to past music greats (3:30)
  • Another new CNC machine at Carr Machine (5:06)
  • Jason, the business coach? (6:27)
  • Manufacturing News: New manufacturing facility for undersea drones (8:40)
  • Jason: Leaving a positive legacy in the minds of others (11:51)
  • A legacy gone wrong: Statues don’t make chips (16:30)
  • Guiding principles towards a great legacy (19:40)
  • Every manufacturing leader needs to think about their legacy (27:10)

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