What's on the Manufacturing Horizon with Lonnie Love, Jay Rogers, and Adrian Allen

Episode 161 | Challenges: Growth

MakingChips is back with another live podcast from IMTS 2018. On this episode, Jim and Jason discuss what’s on the manufacturing horizon with guests Lonnie Love, Jay Rogers, and Adrian Allen. During times of rapid growth, long-term thinking can easily take a back seat to the next urgent task. Many manufacturing leaders lack the ability to see beyond the immediate future to think more clearly about manufacturing a decade from now. On this episode, hear the prophets of manufacturing share what they envision our industry will look like in 10 years.

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How automation is transforming the future of manufacturing

Automation and digitization isn’t the future. It is the present. However, automation will greatly impact the future of manufacturing. Panelist Jay Rogers says, “Digital manufacturing is all about being able to improve the speed of design and delivery of a part.” The impact will be most obvious in the automotive industry. It is a huge segment of manufacturing, drawing two and three-tier companies to develop and manufacture parts that are used in the industry. Hear the panelists discuss how autonomy is driving innovation in manufacturing.

What does the machine shop of the future look like?

A shop floor has a reputation for being dark and dirty. That’s not the reality in the present and it certainly isn’t true for the future machine shop. So what will the future shop floor look like? Lonnie Love says he envisions the future machine shop to be microfactory that can make anything. The flexibility that technology is opening up for companies is allowing them to diversify the products they can make. Adrian Allen adds that he sees a future where the whole factory floor is that actual machine tool bed, where the machines come to the part rather than the part going to the machine.

Changes manufacturers need to make today to be a part of the future

In order to prepare for the future of your company, you have to consider the customer of the future. The desire for on-demand solutions is the norm. Manufacturers must start building machines that can meet their futures customers needs. Leaders also have to begin considering their workforce. Adrian Allen says that recruiting talent is a key. Having machines that can do amazing work but lacking the talent of engineers will make those great machines irrelevant. The workforce is critical and there is a skills gap that must be addressed. Listen as the panel discusses ways to address the skills gap with practical ways to recruit and develop talent.

Future challenges and opportunities for the manufacturing industry

The future is both scary and exciting. Innovation and technology have increased the pace to such a degree that manufacturing leaders can’t afford to resist change. The time to consider the future and make preparations to adapt is now. Prepare to take some risk so that you don’t get left behind. Listen as the panelists give some final tips for how to do just that. They discuss the impact of future recessions, how to integrate sustainable and environmentally friendly, energy efficient processes, and how to help change the perception of manufacturing to attract the next generation of talent. Be inspired as you listen to this episode of MakingChips.

Here’s The Good Stuff!

  • Introduction of panelist Lonnie Love, Jay Rogers and Adrian Allen
  • How is the advent of autonomous vehicles going to affect the manufacturing industry?
  • What does the machine shop of the future look like
  • What changes do manufacturers need to make now so that they can be a part of the future of manufacturing
  • Ways to address the skills gap in manufacturing
  • Economic predictions about how a recession might affect manufacturing
  • How does sustainability and environmental consciousness impact manufacturing and the legislation around it?
  • How manufacturing leaders need to think differently about their human resources in order to keep the right people in the right seats in their company
  • The panel gives their final word to manufacturing leaders

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