Wraparound Blankets For Small Manufacturers

Episode 245 | Challenges: Leadership Growth Process

In this week's podcast, hosts Jason Zenger and Jim Carr invite guest Jenn Ryan, SVP of Global Network Operations at Xometry to discuss how they pivoted during COVID and how it helped them transform who they are as a business.

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  • Jim and Jason’s businesses thriving when the industry is down (1:44)
  • Good news at Carr’s: 4th new CNC machine (6:06)
  • Jason Discusses the Manufacturing News: Foxconn fails to meet requirements in Wisconsin (6:47)
  • Introducing our guest: Jenn Ryan, SVP of Global Network Operations at Xometry (11:40)

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  • Jenn: Keeping the doors open during COVID shutdowns (14:10)
  • Jenn: Changing the binary questions “What part of this job can I do?” (17:10)
  • Jason: Why we created the Makingchips podcast (19:20)
  • Jenn: Partner Success stories in 2020 (21:00)
  • Jason: We need more manufacturing in the US (31:05)


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