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Website Planning For Manufacturers

Website Planning For Manufacturers

Episode 111 | Growth


Hello Metalworking Nation! Today, we are bringing you another episode in our #MarketingForMakers Series with Red Caffeine. We are pleased to welcome back Julie Poulos as she introduces Red Caffeine’s Tech Lead /Lead Developer / Front End Designer  — Chaz Klein.

Today’s episode focuses on the face of your business — your website. Julie and Chaz guide us through some steps that will equip you with questions you should be asking yourself before diving into a new website. We’ll talk about recognizing goals for your website, amplifying the user experience (UX), and choosing the right platform.

Episode Structure:
[02:34] – San Diego
[04:35] – Welcome Julie Poulos
[07:50] – Business Goals
[10:00] – First Steps in Developing a Website
[11:00] – Introducing Chaz Klein
[13:10] – UX
[18:27] – Don’t Make Me Think
[23:00] – Keywords and SEO
[24:26] – Platforms and CMS
[28:41] – WordPress
[36:05] – Leave Us Some Feedback

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