Explore articles below on some of the biggest challenges and opportunities in the manufacturing industry today.


What is keeping YOU up at night?

Differentiating Your Business (and Yourself) Before a Sales Meeting

Challenges: Growth

Earlier this month, I attended a Technology & Manufacturing Association (TMA) peer group in Chicago, Illinois that was hosted by MXOtech. The discussion was based on the challenges with getting a foot in the door as a salesperson in today’s market.

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How to Embrace Change to Evolve in Manufacturing

Challenges: Growth, Community

Change is scary, but when it is embraced, it encourages development and opens new doors of opportunity.

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What are the 5 C's to Grow My Manufacturing Business on LinkedIn?

Challenges: Growth, Leadership, Community

Industrial manufacturers can grow their business using LinkedIn to find, connect, and communicate their marketing message while generating a steady stream of leads.

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How Industrial Manufacturers Use Video to Guide Customers and Prospects

Challenges: Growth, Workforce

Industrial manufacturers can use video storytelling successfully to reel-in and guide customers and potential prospects through the buyer’s journey.

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6 Steps to Help Build Your Industrial Manufacturing Brand with Content Marketing

Challenges: Growth, Process

Content marketing paired with a customer-focused culture can transform your manufacturing marketing strategy from an expense into a revenue stream.

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How to Shorten the Sales Cycle for Your Industrial Sales Team

Challenges: Community, Leadership

Leveraging simple, but powerful techniques to shorten the sales cycle and create a repeatable process for your industrial sales team.

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How to Make Your Manufacturing Mission Statement Customer-Focused and Unique

Challenges: Leadership, Community

Building a predictable revenue engine requires creating a company mission centered on the goals of customers and a culture of helping customers achieve those goals.

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How Does Inbound Marketing Work for Industrial Manufacturers

Challenges: Growth, Leadership, Community

Inbound marketing is a great way for industrial manufacturers to build a successful and optimized marketing strategy to attract leads and potential customers.

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How I Use Routine to be a More Effective Leader

Challenges: Leadership, Process

Like most leaders, I have a lot of people and responsibilities tugging at me, knocking on my door, calling my phone and occupying my calendar. I am connected to several businesses (4 to be exact - 1 is MakingChips LLC), but even those

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