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What is keeping YOU up at night?

Is Your Manufacturing Business Cyber-Secure?

Challenges: Technology, Read

We have spent a lot of time talking about interconnectivity, data gathering, assessment, and analytics over the past month, however there is another side to digital progress we can’t overlook. As manufacturing operations increasingly become

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Uprising in a Time of Revolution: Is History Speaking to Metalworking Leaders?

Challenges: Leadership, Workforce, Read

Ever hear of the Luddites?

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Modern Manufacturing Analytics: The Perks and Pitfalls

Challenges: Process, Technology, Read

I, Machine, take you, Data, to be my wedded partner, ‘til death do us part. 

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Manufacturing and Unemployment: Something Doesn’t Add Up

Challenges: Community, Workforce, Read

Math has never been my strong suit, but lately, even I am starting to think something isn’t adding up when it comes to manufacturing employment data.

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Fact or Fiction? Can These Robot Movies Be More Real Than We Thought?

Challenges: Workforce, Technology, Read

This week’s MakingChips manufacturing news story, The Great Robot Takeover: Fact or Fiction, provided a surprisingly comprehensive look at the past, present, and future of incorporating robots into manufacturing processes as well as the emotional

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Where Can Manufacturers Find Value In The Stock Market?

In this week’s MakingChips podcast, the guys were discussing an article by Barron’s encouraging us all to stop worrying about recession since the stock market is hitting new highs. The conversation was going back and forth, considering new facts and

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Small Business, Big Potential

Challenges: Leadership, Growth, Workforce, Read

I learned two shocking new things about our industry this week. The first came from our MakingChips featured manufacturing news article from Industry Week which focused on newly released data by SCORE, mentors to America’s small business.

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Dear Manufacturing Leader, Take a Look at Your Tech Stack. Please.

Challenges: Leadership, Growth, Technology, Read

You’re busy. Your employees are busy. Manufacturing is busy. Now I’m here asking you do add something else to your plate? Well trust me, this is important...

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4 Myths of the 4th Industrial Revolution

Challenges: Community, Growth, Workforce, Read

As you know, times they are a’changing for all of us here in the metalworking nation. Welcome to the fourth industrial revolution, or “4IR” as it is being called.

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Does a Piece of Paper Really Prove Anything?

Challenges: Workforce, Read

My youngest child is graduating high school on Sunday and it got me wondering how much a high school diploma is actually worth these days? There are wildly differing reports and, like most things, it seems to depend on a number of factors such as

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Not Sharing Is Killing Manufacturing

Challenges: Workforce, Read

Manufacturers are not traditionally known for being the most open organizations. This is often tied to the fact that many of their customers have parts that are proprietary or connected with the government or military. But, this NDA-culture has

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Marketing Automation: How to Utilize Key Tools and Improve Customer Experience

Challenges: Growth, Process, Technology, Read

Why do manufacturing companies need marketing automation? Because in the age of Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Netflix all of us expect fast, personalized service, great products, and an easy to use experience from any company we work with, including

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Is Down Time Killing Your Bottom Line?

As Jim and Jason always say on the MakingChips Podcast, “If you’re not making chips, you’re not making money!” We all know it’s true, yet few shops have formal systems for increasing their spindle uptime. 

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How Many Avocados Does it Take to Pass a Trade Agreement?

Challenges: Process, Workforce, Read

According to this week’s MakingChips news story, lawmakers will soon be voting on the new US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), pronounced “oooze meck ahh” according to Jason, or simply called “the new NAFTA” by most news outlets. The trouble is, when

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Another Day, Another Apocalypse

Challenges: Leadership, Community, Process, Read

It seems to me that following manufacturing news too closely is a bit like taking Nick’s mom up on her decade’s long offer of, “If you need a reason to cry, I’ll give you one.” It’s important to know what’s going on, but it’s also necessary to

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