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3 Steps to Master Social Media Engagement

Author: Pablo Ayala
Published On: May 15, 2020 12:09:37 PM

3 Steps to Master Social Media Engagement

Does your marketing strategy include social media? 

Establishing a social media presence for your business is not just about being consistent with your content, getting “likes”, or tracking how many times your content is seen. The most successful social media strategies focus on how to grab an audience’s attention and keep them engaged with a brand from the very first post.

 Why is it so important to grab your audience’s attention?

The Nature of Social Media

Social Media is simply that: media to promote social interaction. Social media allows users to share content rapidly and efficiently. In the earlier stages, most users adopted social media into their lives to simply stay connected with friends and family.  Today, social media is not just a common place to connect with friends and family, but a reliable destination for news and entertainment

To master social media engagement, it’s important to keep all three goals in mind: staying connected, informed, and entertained. Here are a few suggestions for garnering more attention to your content:


#1 Don’t Be Boring

Boredom is a primary motivator for browsing social media. With even just one minute of downtime, users commonly search their device for something to entertain or update them, such as a new post from a friend or family member. Your business is competing for this attention.


Images are good for grabbing attention, but videos can be even better. A well-crafted social media video will use the first five seconds to grab an audience’s attention and make it hard to look away.

  • Props
    Use interesting parts from your machine shop or oversized versions of smaller things to draw your viewer’s attention.

  • Music
    Paid Websites such as Envato, AudioJungle, provide users with sounds and audio and offer search options for music based on emotion.

  • Environment
    Backgrounds such as your machine shop or an interesting location in your city can captivate a viewer into looking at an environment that is unfamiliar.


#2 Show the Value

Nearly everyone has something to share on social media. For businesses, the primary goal is to share a unique solution to an existing problem in order to attract customers and generate sales. While entertaining the audience is critical to capturing attention, it is not enough. The ultimate goal is to educate them and offer value. Now this doesn’t mean we start with a Michael Bay-style explosion then move straight into a conference room. Ideally, the audience should be kept entertained throughout the educational portion of your content. 


For video, this means sustaining the interesting setting and/or props. For a blog post, this means adding graphics and bumping the fonts of important phrases or adding bulleted lists. Above all, be sure your content is not just entertaining but adding value, helping to engage your customer by sharing company news or providing great customer service. Think about what you’d like to be known for and tailor your content towards that message.


#3 Take Action

An entertaining post that adds value is great, but the final step is the most important: promotion.
A good social media marketing strategy requires a plan for promoting the material. If your content is not consistently seen, the chances of increasing your engagement are close to zero. Social networking is a way to encourage relevant industry influencers or bloggers to promote your content to their similar audiences. Social promotions are also a great way to have your content seen and shared - offering an exclusive discount or item, for example. At the end of the day, your social media goal as a business is to have customers return time and again to your brand, as well as to increase potential customers.


Don’t be afraid to be entertaining on social media - show some personality. Ultimately that is what most users are there to see. Your business has value, so showcase it in an engaging way to effectively increase your brand awareness.

Remember, no customers = no chips And If you’re not MakingChips, you’re not making money.


Pablo E Ayala
Digital Marketing Specialist


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