Jessica Peterson-Rangel

Jessica Peterson-Rangel
Agency director at MakingChips utilizing her toolbox of multi-dynamic skill sets to operate a data-driven, results-based agency and leading a team of creatives, strategists, and technologists to support the growth of our agency clients.
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Breaking the "DIY" Mentality

Challenges: Leadership, Growth

In this week’s episode of MakingChips, the MakingChips team discussed the health of the entrepreneurial operating system (EOS). Within the conversation of talking about business practices, Nick brought up a business practice that I believe to have a

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How to Build a Brand Book

Challenges: Growth, Read

Let me preface this with, I know that when you started this week, creating a brand book probably wasn’t on the top of your priority list. Heck, I’d say it didn’t even make the monthly cut. This quarter, I’m urging you to put it on your checklist—and

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No Such Thing as Downtime

Challenges: Leadership, Read

Ideally, business is booming for you right now. Your machines are going a mile a minute, your employees are laser-focused, and your clients are beaming from the glow of their satisfaction.

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