Stan Martin

Stan Martin, a Northern Kentucky University graduate and machinist of over 30 years, founded Martin Manufacturing in 1991. The company was a humble, two door garage machine shop when Stan invented the first bolt-on trunnion table. His only goal in mind was to increase the efficiency of his own business, and it did exactly that by making the company’s worst paying jobs its most profitable. Often able to include four to five operations in one cycle, the trunnion freed operators to work on multiple machines at once. Realizing the product’s efficiency, local shops began requesting them for their own use. Fifteen years later, 80% of Stan’s business is in designing trunnion tables and custom work holding. The Stallion Trunnion Table, as it’s known today, is designed to allow you to machine parts without handling them multiple times. In 2018, Martin Manufacturing became formally known as Martin Trunnion Tables and still operates out of Northern Kentucky. Martin Trunnion Tables, a family owned and ran business, strives to allow manufacturers to maximize the efficiency of their vertical machining centers and rotary tables. Stan spends most of his time designing custom fixtures for manufacturers all over the world. Outside of work, Stan spends time with his wife and four children and explores the mid-west on his KTM dirt bike.

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