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What Networking Is—and What it Most Definitely Shouldn’t Be

A sales leader on Jason’s team thought it would be a great idea to focus on networking as a way to find sales opportunities. So Jason let him join different associations and attend events to try and drum up business. But it wasn’t producing the results that they expected, so they cut back on the networking. The question is—should increasing sales be the true objective of networking? Jim...

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Another Day, Another Apocalypse

It seems to me that following manufacturing news too closely is a bit like taking Nick’s mom up on her decade’s long offer of, “If you need a reason to cry, I’ll give you one.” It’s important to know what’s going on, but it’s also necessary to differentiate between fact and speculation in order to keep a healthy perspective.

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The ROI on Customer-Centric Manufacturing Culture

Martin Trunnion Tables began as a small family-owned garage shop I started in 1993. I like to say I made the original unit “out of laziness”, and that’s not far from the truth. Actually, I got tired of handling parts, so I designed and built the first trunnion table. With the ability to include four to five operations in one cycle, the trunnion freed operators to work on multiple machines at...

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The Three Keys to Manufacturing Entrepreneurship, Part 3: A Successful Manufacturing Startup Will Never Be About You

Our goal with this three part post has been to inspire the next generation of manufacturing leaders to think beyond themselves as they build their business. The mission and vision of MakingChips isn’t to grow Carr Machine & Tool, sell more cutting tools from Zenger’s, and expand the global reach of the Goellner Inc. companies, (Advanced Machine & Engineering and Hennig). This business isn’t...

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