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Something New

In my inbox this morning, in one of the many manufacturing newsletters I subscribe to, was a link to an article describing a new initiative, backed by “over 200 companies including GM, Lockheed Martin, Johnson & Johnson”, aimed at “helping Americans adjust to new workforce reality and find jobs.”

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Let's Talk About Reshoring

In the manufacturing news segment of the podcast this week, the guys discussed H.R.6690, known as the “Bring Entrepreneurial Advancements To Consumers Here In North America Act”, which was introduced by Rep. Chip Roy to the House Committee on Ways and Means on May 1, 2020. This bill seeks to allow accelerated depreciation of nonresidential real property acquired to relocate facilities for the...

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How to Vet Outside Counsel

Taxes, accounting, and legal issues present increasingly complex and ever-changing challenges for business leaders who are navigating critical situations such as succession planning.  While many businesses rely on readily available software programs to manage personal and business finances, the first key step in preparing for the retirement or loss of a company’s leader is to find the right...

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Adjusting Your Manufacturing Management Style by Generation

We’ve talked a lot about the issue of Baby Boomers retiring and handing the industry over to the next generation. We’ve also talked a lot about trying to attract more Millennials and Post-Millennials to a career in manufacturing. However, statistics show the median age of manufacturing workers still falls squarely within Generation X. Does any of this matter?

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