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Titan Gilroy: Willing To Do What It Takes

One of the great things about manufacturing is that you don’t need to have a college education or degree to be a success. The opportunity is available to anyone who recognizes the opportunity and is willing to do what is required to take advantage of it. Titan Gilroy is a prime example of the kind of success we’re talking about. He grew up very poor in Hawaii. His mother didn’t even own a...

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Are You Ready to Adopt?

Apparently I wasn’t the only listener who felt inspired while listening to Jim Carr talk about the updates CARR Machine & Tool adopted in order to pivot from prototypes to becoming a full production machine shop. We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback and follow up from our MakingChips audience. If you missed that episode, you can find it here.

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Who is Your Cuckoo?

It’s been almost ten years since I first learned about the “company cuckoo”, which was an affectionate term used to describe the CCO (Chief Creative Officer) at the progressive company where I worked as a lead writer on the creative team. It might sound degrading, but our CCO was the one who actually coined the term for himself.

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The Challenge to Change

I don’t know about you, but I was totally geeking out listening to this week’s MakingChips guest, Ted Ladzinski, owner of Motor City Spindle Repair of Dearborn, Michigan, share details of his business practices, from social media to sales management to spindle repair. It is rare that I pause a podcast to take notes, yet I found myself doing this multiple times during the episode. Mr....

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Filling the Trade Show Gap: Networking in the Age of COVID-19

As more trade shows and conventions cancel their events, manufacturing marketers, sales representatives and executives are left scratching their heads. Globally attended expos like IMTS and FABTECH represent a massive investment for many companies, and are a vital part of their marketing strategies. With this absence, businesses are forced to answer a difficult question: How will we network...

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Breaking the "DIY" Mentality

In this week’s episode of MakingChips, the MakingChips team discussed the health of the entrepreneurial operating system (EOS). Within the conversation of talking about business practices, Nick brought up a business practice that I believe to have a significant impact on how we successfully and efficiently operate in business.

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Communicating Effectively in the Workplace

Before we dive into this week’s episode, I would like to introduce myself to our readers. My name is Victoria Sockwell, and I will be the new contributing writer for MakingChips. I was born and raised in Rockford, Illinois. My parents have been business owners in the construction industry for over 20 years in the Rockford area, where I like to think I get my work ethic. I have a passion for...

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How to Vet Outside Counsel

Taxes, accounting, and legal issues present increasingly complex and ever-changing challenges for business leaders who are navigating critical situations such as succession planning.  While many businesses rely on readily available software programs to manage personal and business finances, the first key step in preparing for the retirement or loss of a company’s leader is to find the right...

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