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Filling the Trade Show Gap: Networking in the Age of COVID-19

As more trade shows and conventions cancel their events, manufacturing marketers, sales representatives and executives are left scratching their heads. Globally attended expos like IMTS and FABTECH represent a massive investment for many companies, and are a vital part of their marketing strategies. With this absence, businesses are forced to answer a difficult question: How will we network...

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How Many Avocados Does it Take to Pass a Trade Agreement?

According to this week’s MakingChips news story, lawmakers will soon be voting on the new US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), pronounced “oooze meck ahh” according to Jason, or simply called “the new NAFTA” by most news outlets. The trouble is, when Washington says “soon”, how soon is “soon”? As with everything in politics, that depends on who you ask and what hurdles remain to be cleared.

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Another Day, Another Apocalypse

It seems to me that following manufacturing news too closely is a bit like taking Nick’s mom up on her decade’s long offer of, “If you need a reason to cry, I’ll give you one.” It’s important to know what’s going on, but it’s also necessary to differentiate between fact and speculation in order to keep a healthy perspective.

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Fast Cars, Football, and the Family Business

Listen up mom and pop, if you have dreams of raising kids who will take over the family manufacturing business someday, you’re in luck. Comparatively speaking, kids are much more likely to want to follow in your well-laid footsteps than go metaphorically off-roading through the uncharted territory of an unfamiliar career path.

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Evolution in Cutting Tools

One of the core values of MakingChips is to be Intelligent Designers. We want everything we create to be created on purpose and for a purpose. Whether it’s a high quality podcast episode, a keynote we’re delivering at an event, or a convincing marketing campaign for a manufacturing company, we want to be known as content producers who produce thoughtful, high-quality programs that drive...

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