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Titan Gilroy: Willing To Do What It Takes

One of the great things about manufacturing is that you don’t need to have a college education or degree to be a success. The opportunity is available to anyone who recognizes the opportunity and is willing to do what is required to take advantage of it. Titan Gilroy is a prime example of the kind of success we’re talking about. He grew up very poor in Hawaii. His mother didn’t even own a...

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Our Top 3 Tips to Help Manufacturers Manage Supply Chain Issues

Industry-wide supply shortages are creating demand. What happens when there’s demand? Prices skyrocket. Cars, raw materials, weight equipment, etc. are all rocketing in price. Car manufacturers can’t get chips which is driving up the price of current inventory. In some areas, a new Escalade is running $20,000 above the sticker price. What’s even worse?  Everyone is buying computers, laptops,...

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Metrics that Matter: Striking a Balance between Your Team and the Data

Jim 100% cares about his employees and treats them well, probably more than many other employers. But at the end of the day, he’s the leader who has to create an environment that’s running efficiently.  Some people treat their team as human resources or simply numbers that drive results. Nick really likes the people he works with and is even part of a fantasy football league with them....

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Three Creative Hiring Strategies for Manufacturers


What do we do in this crazy labor market? Do you need to focus on retention? Up your recruiting? Hold on to employees that are just okay? Leverage is changing and employees are increasingly aware of their value.  As business owners, we need to be aware of this and compensate our teams accordingly. While retention is key, what do we do when we have no choice and we need to hire in this market...

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Let's Talk About Reshoring

In the manufacturing news segment of the podcast this week, the guys discussed H.R.6690, known as the “Bring Entrepreneurial Advancements To Consumers Here In North America Act”, which was introduced by Rep. Chip Roy to the House Committee on Ways and Means on May 1, 2020. This bill seeks to allow accelerated depreciation of nonresidential real property acquired to relocate facilities for the...

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Adjusting Your Manufacturing Management Style by Generation

We’ve talked a lot about the issue of Baby Boomers retiring and handing the industry over to the next generation. We’ve also talked a lot about trying to attract more Millennials and Post-Millennials to a career in manufacturing. However, statistics show the median age of manufacturing workers still falls squarely within Generation X. Does any of this matter?

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