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Titan Gilroy’s Philosophy: Solve People’s Problems to Find Success

Author: Nick Goellner

Titan Gilroy’s Philosophy

When Titan Gilroy first started in manufacturing, he was told “If you can solve people’s problems, you’ll always be successful.” He’s taken that to heart in everything he does. He built this incredible platform that’s available in 170 countries. He's serving the industry with free education. He works with companies to sponsor the machines they run, tools they use, etc. Doing so allows him to offer free education to all schools. 

When Making Chips was launched, it was to equip and inspire the manufacturing leader. We knew if it was successful it would bring awareness to our businesses as well. It developed thought leadership and credibility. Ultimately, you get started to help fill a void in your communities.

A heart for service vs. thirst for money

Titan set out to change manufacturing and it is still 100% the focus of everything he does. He’s honored to work with amazing companies, hand-picked because of their value in the industry. But they have to be chosen carefully. Titan has turned down crazy money to give people what their communities need. He’d never put something out that he felt was unnecessary. He’s always asking, “What will make the biggest impact for communities without forcing them to spend ridiculous amounts of money?” 

Titan also recently became a tooling distributor. Why? As they ramp up and grow their platform, he doesn’t want to be dependent on other people sponsoring them. He wants a foundation under their feet. When you look at huge companies, they pay less because of volume. The smaller mom-and-pop shops pay a crazy amount for tools because they don’t have access to backend discounts. Titan’s goal is to give a fair price to everyone. It’s taken off and it’s been amazing. 

Tell a story that resonates with your audience

Many machine shops and companies don’t understand their audience. Titan tells a story and pairs it with good content. He talks about how to get customers, problems he had and how to solve them, and leadership issues. 

Billion-dollar companies care about the bottom line. People see right through it. But if you serve your community and make a difference while machining, you gain respect. You pair making incredible parts with putting your time into things that matter. People will talk about you and doors will open. 

You can go to a customer and say “I’ll make perfect parts for you and deliver them on time.” They've heard it a million times. But if you tell them you invest in your people? That you help people learn for free? You’re constantly building skills? It’s far more impactful than being good at what you do. 

There are so many schools for machining. If you’re a leader in manufacturing, those teachers should have access to you and your business. Get involved and connect with the schools around you. Give them advice, tools, aluminum—whatever it is. Tell your story. If you can impact 50 people, they’ll share your story. 

Titan desires to serve communities, serve the industry, and give, give, give. To hear more about his heart for serving the manufacturing community, listen to episode #288 of the Making Chips podcast!

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