Meet Your Robotic Tool Crib Attendant

Challenges: Technology, Watch

Steve Pixley - Founder & CEO of AutoCrib - dives into why vending machines are the Metal Working Nation’s new best friend on the shop floor. From solving the issue of lost tools and parts to supplying a charging station for electronics, industrial vending machines will help manufacturing leaders take their businesses to the next level of efficiency and safety.


Steve first saw the need for a manufacturing-style vending machine when he worked as a salesman with an industrial supply company. When his customers kept asking for repeat orders in a short time-span, he realized that their employees were misplacing tools and parts - costing the companies small fortunes in replacement orders.


Here’s The Good Stuff!

- Industrial vending machines are projected to rise in popularity.

- The new way to manage inventory.

- Steve’s manufacturing story - from sales to automation technology.

- Solving the issue of stockouts on the shop floor.

- Helping minimize FOD: Foreign Object Debris.

- Overcoming the roadblocks to installing an industrial vending machine.

- From calibrated drill bits to police tasers.

- Vending machines are simply another type of awesome robot.


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