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This summer, MakingChips made our way to North Carolina to visit Okuma headquarters for the THINC Summer Showcase. The THINC Developers Group provides a community for generating new applications for the Okuma control platform. Watch as Jim and Jason visit with attendees and talk about what THINC has to offer. Subscribe for more manufacturing insight and inspiration every week: ...

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Steve Pixley - Founder & CEO of AutoCrib - dives into why vending machines are the Metal Working Nation’s new best friend on the shop floor. From solving the issue of lost tools and parts to supplying a charging station for electronics, industrial vending machines will help manufacturing leaders take their businesses to the next level of efficiency and safety.

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We visited Okuma in Charlotte, North Carolina for an event for their THINC Developers Group. This podcast was recorded live onstage during the event! With so many automation systems available, it can be hard to know which to use to meet your specific goals and needs as a manufacturing leader. Guest speakers Randy Jokerst and Brad Klippstein share how the THINC Developers Group enables the Metal...

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Cobotics are a current hot topic in the MetalWorking Nation. Innovation within the AI spectrum is opening new doors and possibilities for manufacturing leaders who are willing to embrace change. Guest speaker, Craig Zoberis, shares his “Aha!” moment when he realized cobots could help him create a more efficient and life-giving environment for his team.

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