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Choosing a new career path or education route can be intimidating, but a manufacturing career may just provide the perfect solution! Sarah Wierman shares her inspiring story and helpful insights into joining the manufacturing industry and how being willing to learn and ask questions can open up new and exciting opportunities. Be sure to listen to the episode for a unique look into changing career...

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We all know about the skills gap in manufacturing! In fact, it's almost become an overused buzzword... but that doesn't mean it has gone away.In fact, the skills gap is more prevalent now than ever! So, how do we fix it?There are a lot of ideas and concepts that manufacturers have been toiling with to solve this challenge. I think it's about knowing your specialized need, hiring based on broad...

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Kurt Preisendanz is the Director of Training at the NTMA Training Centers in Southern California. Passionate about sharing the opportunities that machining has to offer the next generation, Kurt explains the challenges that trade schools face and ways that manufacturing leaders can help lead the charge in alternative higher education.

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Cobotics are a current hot topic in the MetalWorking Nation. Innovation within the AI spectrum is opening new doors and possibilities for manufacturing leaders who are willing to embrace change. Guest speaker, Craig Zoberis, shares his “Aha!” moment when he realized cobots could help him create a more efficient and life-giving environment for his team.

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One sensitive issue for midsize companies, particularly family-owned businesses, is succession. How does one generation pass on control to the next? Business succession planning is difficult to begin with, which is why so many people avoid doing it at all.

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