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Married to Each Other and the Business with Matthew Nix Part 1, 369

Tags: Published On: Jul 26, 2023 12:00:00 PM

What is it like to be married to your business partner? Especially when both people are very involved in the business. The metalworking industry is dominated by family-owned businesses. I’d love to see more husbands and wives team up to grow manufacturing together. In the next two episodes of MakingChips, special guests Lindsey and Matthew Nix share what it’s like to grow a business as a united front. Because if you aren’t making chips together, you aren’t making money. BAM! 

– Jason

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  • [0:22] The Lean Setup Guide from ProShop
  • [3:28] Introducing today’s guests: Matthew & Lindsay Nix
  • [7:13] Manufacturing News: We Need More Hybrid Cars
  • [14:58] How Lindsey became part of the business
  • [17:57] What catapulted their major growth
  • [19:25] Lindsey’s role throughout the years
  • [23:50] The challenges of a married couple working together

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